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Honeymoon Slovenia

Seal your love on a romantic getaway in Slovenia
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Explore the colorful Ljubljana
ljubljana aerial
ljubljana selfie couple
bled aerial
bled heart
private boat bled
Discover the pristine Vintgar Gorge
Delight in the local cuisine
Postojna Cave
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3 nights / 4 days
A short' n' sweet mini-moon in Slovenia, with a few days of romance and luxury at the country’s highlights before returning to the real world.
From: 1,015€/couple
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Bled is best enjoyed in two
Preseren square in Ljubljana
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Ljubljana sunsethill
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Discover the pristine Vintgar Gorge
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sup bohinj
Postojna Cave
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Evening view on Piran
otocec castle
Enjoy candlelit dinners
7 nights / 8 days
Experience all of the best sights in Slovenia — from the Alps to Adriatic — backed up with romance, enjoyment and time for just the two of you.
From: 2,350€/couple
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romantic dinner couple
Lose yourself in the beautiful, charming city of Ljubljana
Have you tried štruklji yet?
Go on a food tour of Ljubljana
Try different dishes created from a range of different influences
couple street pizza
Delight in the local cuisine
goriska brda
Taste some of the best Slovenian wines
Stop at one or two Michelin-starred restaurants
Join a wine tour
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Piran marina
Let the Karst Prosciutto melt in your mouth
Olive oil tasting is the perfect foodie adventure
7 nights / 8 days
Come to Slovenia for the ultimate foodie honeymoon and discover the best of Slovenian cuisine, coupled with great wine and some amazing views.
From: 2,280€/couple
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couple selfie mountains
Views towards Logar Valley
couple feet sunset
Join an adrenaline-induced adventure on the Soča River
Admire the views from the peaks of the Julian Alps
Stay in glamping resorts close to nature
Smile at the Alpine jewel of Lake Bled
couple mountains romantic
Zoom down the zipline in Soča Valley
Winter presents you with a lot of new possibilities
Delve deep into the mysterious depths of Karst
belopeska jezera
ljubljana evening
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7 nights / 8 days
Adventure together with your loved one, share the beauty of pristine Slovenian nature, bond through adrenaline-pumping activities, and create memories for a lifetime.
From: 2,220€/couple
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piran mediteranska
Piran marina
couple piran sunset
vintage boat piran
Let the vintage gourmet tour delight your tastebuds
Wine tasting
obala secovlje salt pans
Cycling along the Slovenian coast
piran window scaled
romantic dinner couple
Let the Karst Prosciutto melt in your mouth
vineyard sunset
Preseren square in Ljubljana
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7 nights / 8 days
Explore the Adriatic coastline of Slovenia on this slow-paced and leisurely honeymoon, discover the local cuisine, and relax under the Mediterranean sun.
From: 1,860€/couple
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Relax in the thermal waters of top spas in Slovenia
bled lake island
bled heart daytime
couple massage
Soca river
Breathe in the clean air of the Alps
Calm down in the outside spas
couple wellness
summer piran
wine road heart green
Preseren square in Ljubljana
couple sauna
7 nights / 8 days
Soak up the tranquility on this wellness-focused honeymoon, visiting Slovenia’s must-see highlights while relaxing at top-notch spas and accommodations.
From: 2,580€/couple
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Take a roadtrip through Slovenia
sup bohinj
Explore the capital of Ljubljana
Go on a food tour through the capital
Hike in the Triglav National Park
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couple bled motorbike scaled
Enjoy the might of the Slovenian mountains
Self-guided holidays are best for those who love independence and freedom
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goriska brda
Wine tasting Dvorni bar 29
8 nights / 9 days
Experience the ultimate sense of freedom with the love of your life on this road trip around Slovenia, and do it your way on this self-guided honeymoon.
From: 2,145€/couple
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About Honeymoon Slovenia

Honeymoon, honeymoon, happy honeymoon! We know what you’re thinking: it’s time to schedule your next big trip, but you’re feeling a little bored by the standard tropical destinations.

We’ve got just the thing: Slovenia.

The name might not be as familiar as Bora Bora or Tahiti, but if you ask anyone who’s been there, they’ll tell you that it’s a whole other level of exciting.

It is a land of diverse landscapes — magical lakes, mesmerizing Alps, dreamy seaside — and delicious cuisine. Add wine country to the mix — and it’s a perfect choice for your honeymoon.

And did you know Slovenia is the only country with the word “love” in its name?

That’s why we at Honeymoon Slovenia make sure it shines through on all of our carefully crafted honeymoon packages.

As specialists in romantic experiences in Slovenia, our mission is to make sure newlyweds enjoy an unforgettable romance as they start to build the foundation for life to come.

If you are both gourmets, Slovenia’s top chefs will not let you down. If mountains are your paradise, you’re going to go crazy in the Julian Alps. You can get away from reality with a glamping cabin in the woods as your love nest. And if you desire some medieval romance, unleash your inner knight and princess by sleeping in a castle.

Treating each other with love and kindness can be as simple as a candlelit dinner for two or as epic as losing yourself in the mountains of Slovenia. But what matters most is a common experience you enjoy together and never forget, binding you for the rest of your lives.

So let us organize your honeymoon in Slovenia and give you a wonderful time that will make your bond as strong as ever.

What makes Slovenia ideal for your Honeymoon?

Slovenia is renowned for its diverse landscapes, from the serene shores of Lake Bled and the verdant valleys of the Soča River to the peaceful pathways of the Karst region and the rolling vineyards of Brda. Let us guide you in selecting the ideal tour for your next cycling adventure in Slovenia.

1. Romantic Retreats: Love Nest Destinations

piran window scaled

Dive into intimate accommodations with the Best of Slovenia Honeymoon, carefully curated to enhance your romantic escape. 

2. Culinary Delights for Two: Savor Love’s Essence

Restaurant Otocec Castle

Relish an unforgettable dining experience with Foodie Honeymoon Slovenia, featuring candlelit dinners, champagne breakfasts, and flavors that match the magic of your love story. 

3. Adventures Together: Bond Beyond Boundaries

Delve deep into the mysterious depths of Karst

Forge lasting memories with activities from serene sunsets to exhilarating zip-line adventures, our Adventure Honeymoon Slovenia is designed for couples seeking shared experiences. 

4. Wellness and Relaxation: Harmony in Togetherness

Calm down in the outside spas

Rejuvenate together with couples’ spa sessions with our Pampering Honeymoon Slovenia, ensuring you return from your honeymoon refreshed and bonded. 

5. Cultural Discoveries: Love’s Journey Through Traditions

ptuj scaled

Immerse yourselves in the tapestry of Slovenia’s rich cultures, with a Honeymoon Roadtrip in Slovenia, making your honeymoon as enlightening as it is romantic. 

Unforgettable Honeymoon Moments in Slovenia

This Central European jewel, with its continental climate, promises moderate summers and crisp winters, creating an inviting ambiance for couples. From late spring to early autumn, anticipate delightful temperatures, with warmer moments especially near the coast, ensuring romantic strolls and sunset views.

Slovenia reveals enchanting landscapes, allowing couples to immerse themselves in sheer breathtaking beauty. Indeed, a honeymoon in Slovenia is truly magical. And what’s a romantic getaway without indulging in culinary delights? Relish in a tapestry of flavors, from authentic local meals to masterfully prepared Michelin-rated courses.

Your journey together in this magical land will be punctuated by unique experiences: paddle together in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Bled, explore ancient castles nestled atop rolling hills, or perhaps share a dance in the midst of a local festival. As night falls, the Slovenian skies, sprinkled with stars, offer the perfect backdrop for whispered conversations and dreams of the future.

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"A unique blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality"

Only the Most Romantic

Our professional team with an in-depth knowledge of the region cherry-picked only the best romantic experiences in Slovenia.

Trusted by Many

We are a fully bonded and insured travel company, keeping your money safe and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.

100% Made in Slovenia

We are working closely with local suppliers to provide you with unique itineraries on the tours of our own design.

Unbeatable support

Our 24/7 customer support is where we show our passion, bringing you a better experience by making your well-being our number one priority.

Completely Customizable

Flexibility is our middle name — whether you want more or less, or just beyond ordinary, we’ll make it happen.

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